A New Beauty Trend Called “Slugging” Is Now a Thing

Beauty By James 

A New Beauty Trend Called “Slugging” Is Now a Thing

Beauty By James 
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2018.  The year “slugging” became a beauty trend.

If you’ve heard the utterance of slugging and beauty in the same sentence, you might have heard that it’s the new trendy way to bring you softer skin.  But what exactly is it?  And does this new beauty trend actually work?

What is “slugging”?:  Slugging has everything to do with vaseline, and nothing to do with actual slugs.  Basically, slugging is when you apply Vaseline to your entire face after cleansing and moisturizing your face before bed, leaving you looking like a shiny yet slimy slug.  So, after your normal nighttime skincare ritual, you would apply a layer of vaseline to your face.

Why are people doing this trend?:  People who have tried this new trick tend to swear by it — and therefore swear that it leaves their skin softer and much more hydrated when they wake up in the morning.

Does it even work?:  The common misconception people have when they hear of slugging has everything to do with their pores:  won’t it just clog them?  While this is a common thought that seems possible, Vaseline actually won’t clog your pores like you think.  While it is a heavy substance and can feel particularly heavy on acne prone skin, the ingredients in vaseline actually don’t mean that it will clog your pores.  Will it make your skin feel insanely greasy?  Yes, yes it will.

Vaseline helps your skin prevent water loss, which is supposed to help hydrate it.  This means it helps to seal in moisture, which is particularly helpful for those that have quite dry skin.  But what about those that have more acne prone skin or oily skin?  At the moment, we don’t have a definite answer, as everyone has had different results.

Should you try it?:  There’s not enough information we know about this trend, but if you have particularly dry skin and are looking for a new solution to bring relief to your skin, this might just be the trick you were waiting for.  If you’re really worried about your skin, your best bet is to meet with a dermatologist who can give you personalized advice and material that might be better suited to help you.  Also, it should be noted that, like any new product you apply to your face, you should always test it prior to putting it on your face to make sure you’re not allergic to it!

Other than that, this new beauty trend might just be what you’ve been waiting for.  Just make sure you don’t sleep on your best, fanciest pillowcase while you have vaseline slathered all over your face, okay?