Vessyl automatically knows and tracks
everything you drink


Manage Weight

Track your liquid calories over the course of the day and week. You might be surprised.

Stay Hydrated

Get to your Pryme during the day so you can perform your best.

Regulate Caffeine

Stay sharp, but not jittery. Vessyl will help you smooth out your consumption.

Build Muscle

You need to do the heavy lifting, but Vessyl will track protein and recovery beverages so you get the most out of your workouts.

Sleep Better

Learn how to choose and time your beverage intake to get quality sleep.

Curb Sugar

There is nothing sweet about having too much sugar. Don"t let sugar sneak in.
Beverages are the #1 single source of calories.
National Health and Nutrition Education Survey
Vessyl coffee


It knows what’s inside

It’s not magic, but close to it. The Vessyl knows and aggregates the makeup of everything you drink. No more guessing or journaling. It keeps track of what’s important to you… all automatically.

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Set and display your goals

We’re all different, so it’s important that you can focus on what’s important to you. Your Vessyl lets you choose the specific “lenses” you want to track. Naturally, the lenses update in real-time on your Vessyl and the app.


Seamless ecosystem

Your Vessyl connects to iOS and Android mobile devices. So all of your nutrient data gets updated to your mobile device… automatically (we love this word).

We know being active is important, so your Vessyl connects with popular activity trackers for more accurate net calories and hydration awareness.

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